Cotton Candy

December 29, 2007
Like cotton candy the instant it touches your tounge, when I see you, I'm liquid.
A fire ignites deep inside of me, and I'm burning for you.
My mind is racing, trying to find the correct sequence in order to continue to breathe.
Every cell in my body feels like it's bursting.
Why are you so perfect to me.
The drug induced feeling I get from seeing you is rushing through my veins.
I don't think I've ever been this far gone before.
As you flash that smile that made me fall in love with you all those months ago.
I exit the car only to lean against it, my knees buckling underneath me.
Why do I still love you
My heart is beating through my chest.
I lock my gaze into yours, staring into your beautiful eyes,
Taking the portal straight to your soul.
I remain there, staring into you, in silence, as I try to find the right words to say.
I'm frozen. You have me paralyzed. I'm amazed by you.
The tears welling up in my eyes, I'm overwhelmed by your presence
I open my mouth to say something, anything to get from this torturish state
"..I love you." is all that spills from my lips
I stand there ashamed.
It's too late to take it back now the salty tears running down my cheek.
Loving you hurts so much now that you are gone.

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tooswaggedout said...
Aug. 31, 2011 at 12:23 pm

I liked the authors portrayal of the Cotton candy. I can tell that she really thought about her topic. I enjoyed the picture that she used to portray the topic because the way that she described it was going along with the picture


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