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Angels of Fate

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

“All I hear are the angels
The angels scream at me
For they are displeased
Displeased, for who I am and what I be

They are not the heavenly angels
For whom our great Lord those serve
They are the angels of fate
Whom hate me and give me what I’m told I don’t deserve

They want to smite me
To kick, burn, and bite me
But, instead, they trap me
And I am never free

Free of the hell I am forced to bare
Free of the guilt I feel I wear
Free of the people who do not care
But the prison just wont go away

The happiness I have to fake
The love I don’t love, I feel I must take
My heart which I know can no longer break
For it is no longer there

It is dust
Covered in rust
And I know that beat it must
But it’s lost all hope

What I wished that I now could only feel
But, instead, I am given pain
Which is very hard to heal

Mortals, like I, see not my cries
They see not how everyday more I die
They probably think my heart is strong enough that it healed
But with concrete is with what I tried to fill

I think the angels are now winning
For the room I’m in is spinning
And it feels as though I’m slipping into the abyss of a well
I wish you a happy life, and I give you a farewell”

The author's comments:
I am strongly influenced by my past clinical depression and Edgar Allen Poe. I guess you can tell by this poem!

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