Penny for My Thoughts

January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

 you tucked me in and closed my shades every night,

you lied and said how everything was alright.

you weren't there when i cried, and every weekend we ran somewhere new,

i have very vivid memories all thanks to you.

you're selfish and i know he means to much for you to ever let him go,

too bad lovely, he's going to be the death of you.


everyone around knows how he brings you down,

we all see it except for you, he's an addictive poison.

i was strong enough to let go of you both even though truth be told you'll always have a place in my bitter heart,

sad but true, i wish you were there from the start.


he brought me pain and left me out in the cold,

you sat by and watched like it was a movie and you were playing some sort of role.

while you sit there in all the self-loathing sympathy,

i hope you think of me.

Karma sucks, doesn't it.?


The author's comments:
This piece was about a mother who was always absent to me.

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