December 28, 2007
By Asha Alexander, Newark, NJ

I extended my wings and flew down below,
Leaving my heavenly pure white home.
I was going away and didn’t know what to do,
But my Lord said I’d be happy soon.
My head felt strange and I was traveling fast
First encased in darkness and then light at last.
I soon stared into the face of a beautiful woman.
She had chocolate skin and warm brown eyes.
She was crying and holding me, singing a lullaby.
Truly she was a dream above all others
So one day I surprised her and called her Mother
As I grew older and it became just her and I
I found her to be my guiding light.
The one person I held so close to my heart
Though I loved others, she was different from the start.
I grew older and older as the slow years passed,
My memories of the pure white home faded from my past
But sometimes at night when I am alone
I dream of the wings of angels in a strange pure white home.
It seemed remarkably familiar, though I didn’t know why,
So one day I went to my mother and asked her to explain.
She laughed real soft at my question finding it cute,
And simply broke down God’s honest truth.
She explained that children came straight from above
God sent them down to parents that he trusted they would love.
I smiled and nodded finally understanding how the universe worked.
God sent me straight to my mother so we can be together, together forever.

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