What is LIfe?

January 25, 2011
By kettingrose SILVER, Redondo Beach, California
kettingrose SILVER, Redondo Beach, California
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Words cannot describe this.
One can only grasp the thought.
It is indescribable images,
ANd a vast amount of experiences.
It is the never ending amount of time,
And the forever growing universe.
COnsists of the thousands of ideas,
Yet not one fully makes sense.
It's the chances we take,
Following our own beliefs.
The ideas we learn; what may be true.
LIfe is the emotions we feel.
The ups downs and turn arounds.
It's about our various phases,
Ad what we learn in this complicated world.
What will we understand after this?
Life is the lesson we teach others,
ANd the lessons we recieve.
Life can be one thing or many.
It's different from different views.
So what is life?
Or actually what is life to you?

The author's comments:
Life is whatever ever you want it to be. YOu make your own decisions. You make your life.

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