Little Did I Know...

December 28, 2007
Little did I know that day came too soon to see my best friend leave me. As I sat in the hospital praying and hoping for you to survive. My heart broke in half as your life slipped away slowly on the operating table. Tears began to roll down my face as I sat there mad at the world. I could feel your spirit float into the next world, and also your grip slowly slip from my reach. I fell asleep dreaming about all times we had together,wishing that more of those times would come. Then I realized that the dream came to an end when the doctor awoke me and told me you where gone. All I could do was cry and ponder why you had to leave me. All those thoughts and memories of us walking along the guided path of life while you showed me the meaning of the world. Just remembering that you were there that night before eating and laughing with us. All I thought about was when I walked you up to your door and I said, "I love you for the last time." Then then called us in to see you for one last time. I put my hand on your hand. It felt cold, but I knew you still felt my touch. All I can say is thank you for being the person that guided me through life and showed me the ins and outs. Forever I will love you, my dearest great- grandmother.

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