So Alone

December 28, 2007
You left me like I didn't mean anything;
If you really cared then why did this happen;
As much as I wanted it all to work out;
You are just too immature to handle me;
You said forever;
Does that mean that forever already ended;
I've wasted many, many kisses on you;
That I would take back if I had the chance;
Those moments that I thought meant something;
Mean absolutley nothing now;
Was this a waste of my time;
Or were you just a stepping stone to somthing better;
I feel like curling up in a ball and just rolling away from all of this;
Everything as going great until that horrid day;
When I saw you with her;
I felt like I got stabbed in the heart;
The thought that you could get over me after one day;
There's no words to explain;
I guess you weren't worth it;
Six months wasted on a lie;
You said you loved me;
Was that just a cover;
Or was there more to this story of romantics;
Did I mean anything to you;
Or was I just the girl you thought would help you pass the time;
A part of me still cares;
But the other doesn't even want to realize your existance;
I'm glad to have met you;
But you took something away from me that I'll never get back;
When you think of what you did I hope you remember the life you just ruined;
I wish you wouldn't have led me on so long;
Thinking that I could trust you;
Have fun with your new life;
Becausse I'm done wasting my time thinking about you.

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