December 28, 2007
The tonic

Used to kill
Gives a thrill
Those little pills
Kids often will

Just take one
To have some fun
But then they’re done
From just one

They can die
Mothers cry
Police try
Not to be shy

And comfort those
Like no one knows
Who often close
The door on those who impose

Their beliefs
To offer relief
But they can’t conceive
The pain and grief

They go through
Or where they go to
Or what they do
They have no clue

What they feel inside
And why they’ve lied
About their “perfect lives”
But God knows they tried

Did the best they could
He knew they would
They did what they should
They still don’t feel good

About choices they’ve made
The parts they played
With the world as their stage
They’re trapped in this cage

Spiraling down
They remove their crown
Their voices resound
Though they’ll never be found

They’re the same as us
But their pain is thus
It’s obvious

We should be there
And not be scared
It may not be fair
They’ve had more than their share

Of problems so far
You can still see the scar
But we’ve all had ours
We are all marred

Just be a good friend
On which they can depend
With time they will spend
Live life til the end.

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