She Gave Him Her Heart

December 28, 2007
She gave him her heart
With no looking back
It was the first time
She had ever done that

It was crazy she knew
But she couldn't resist
With his gentle touch
And his tender kiss

She fell for him fast
And she fell pretty hard
It was becoming clear
He'd stolen her heart

In her eyes, there was no way
He could do any wrong
She wanted to be "his"
For an eternity long

What she didn't know
Was that he didn't feel the same
That in a few months
He wouldn't remember her last name

She had given him everything
That she possibly could
And she didn't know
That he never would

He didn't love her
Like she loved him
He didn't cater
To her every whim

It was hard to move past it
But move past it she must
Because to him this was
Not "love", but "lust"

She was young and naive
She didn't realize
That someone could lie
When they look in your eyes

She awoke from her dream
Holding back her tears
And knew that reality
Was her greatest of fears

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