Chances Lost

December 28, 2007
She cries herself to sleep
Almost every night
Knowing that he'll never
Be back by her side

She lost him to a stronger force
Than she could ever know
God decided that it was his time
And then he brought him home

It seems unfair that he was taken
From her soft embrace
She held him close and watched him go
With one hand on his face

She always told him how she felt
She knew he knew she cared
But her not saying "I love you too"
Was more than she could bear

He had told her every day
How much he valued her
But those were four words from her mouth
That he had never heard

He said "I love you" to her daily
And she knew it that was true
She just wasn't ready yet
To say "I love you too"

It's something that she thinks about
Every single day
Knowing that she never found
The right moment to say

She loved him more than anything
That she had ever known
And now she reminisces
All the chances she had blown

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