Get Out

January 20, 2011
By FaeMorgana SILVER, Holland, Michigan
FaeMorgana SILVER, Holland, Michigan
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Get out! Get out! We wail at them.

Running and screaming we watch them scramble.

Escape! Escape!

Panic floods into their eyes as black clouds snake though the air.

Get out! Get out!

Distraught flames hop violently from wall to wall

Escape! Escape!

Solitary. One person remains, damaged. Singed and blistering

Get out! Get out!

Striving to survive, each step closer

Escape! Escape!

Savoring each bead of tangy sweat, like it were all the fresh waters of the world

Get out! Get out!

Cool bright air wafts though an open exit

Escape! Escape!

Lurch forward, giant pain filled strides

Get out! Get out!

Departing, gone, out of harm's way

Escape, Escape we cry out still.

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