The Sun

January 20, 2011
By , Holland, MI
The sun shines brightly day and night
So peaceful yet full of fiery might.
Its light spreads in all directions up, down, left and right.
Its rays shine through the moon lighting it up like a nightlight illuminating the darkest of nights.

So close yet so far away all we can do is gaze.
We are lucky to be two planets away or we would be cooked like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
We would be blind as a bat if it were not for its rays.
Natures alarm clock waking you up the natural way.
It goes up and down like a bouncing ball marking the beginning and end of the day.

It helps you see all obstacles in your way.
It shows you the way and helps you be brave.
It is the creator whom which all life is made giving food to the plants that give us our air.
Without it we would live like bears in caves.

Stuck on this planet that we call home.
We’ll live, grow and die when we are old.
Back to the earth our lives will go.

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