Unretreivable Past

December 28, 2007
By Suika Chan, Calgary, ZZ

I’ve cried…
For sorrow
For despair
For loneliness

For things I did that can never be undone.
For knots I’ve tied
long become a tangled mess.
I’ve cried.

For wounds that can never be healed.
For cuts I’ve carried with me
for a long time.
I’ve cried.
for spring, as it rolled quietly into summer.
for summer, as it burned fiery into autumn.
for autumn, as it drifted and swirled into winter.
for winter, as it melted into emptiness.

And for memories long erased
by the erosions of time.

But now I cry.
For the past.
The bitter-sweet past.
Disappearing with as sweep of chilly wind.
The past that would never come back to me.

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