December 28, 2007
By Jammie Howard, Deputy, IN

Ever had an urge
that you know you shouldn't do?
Ever had an option
that you know you shouldn't choose?
Ever had everything, yes, everything, work out perfectly
Only to realize- perfect isn't all it should be?

Have you ever wanted to go far away
leaving the ones you love behind?
Have you ever had a war
between your instinct, heart, and mind?
Have you dreamed about seeing foreign lands
Not caring that you messed up everyone's plan?
Have you thought about say a few goodbyes
And not coming back for a very long time?

If you've looked in ther mirror and wanted to see
A change of scenery, or reality from a dream,
If you've made yourself stay when you were dying to leave,
Then you know the daily struggle
of a person called me.

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