The Plain Truth

December 28, 2007
This is the story of a girl.
A girl who is not lost
But cannot find the way.
She knows who she wants to be
But not who she is.
Every day this girl watches people.
She wants to know who they are,
What they’re thinking.
Why they don’t see what she sees.

A lady with duct tape around her feet
And tarp across her shoulders
Pushes a three- wheeled shopping cart across the highway.
The boy on the corner smokes weed
To leave the terrors of his world for just a little bit.
His mother doesn’t care,
And he doesn’t have a father.

Inside the mansion a girl asks daddy for more shopping money.
The malls just opened a new Hollister.
Her sister straightens her curly locks and applies more mascara.
She is ten
And her biggest concern is if her outfit is cool enough.

This is the story of a girl
Who believed the world was only good.
Until she talked to the boy
Whose cousin was shot.
And she read the newspaper article about a rape and murder.
But on the front page was Britney Spears.

She cried when her father told her there were bad people in this world
Who would take advantage of her.
She was fifteen and still couldn’t accept it.
Her life is sheltered and filled with luxuries
And she doesn’t want to give it up
But she feels guilty.

She is a normal teenage girl
But instead of reading CosmoGirl and buying designer clothes
She wonders
Why does it matter?

What is wrong with the world?
She demands to know.
Why does the size of your chest and the clothes you wear matter?
Who cares that you can’t decide which movie to see
Or what party to go to?
There are people that die because of anger and rage
And children starving in the streets
And a war going on!

We are the difference that needs to be made.
We are the people who will help those that need it
Because we see they need help.
We can change this world.
Don’t let anyone tell you that one person can’t make a difference.
And don’t let anyone tell you to fear the evil in this world.
Living in fear is just as bad as living indifferently.

This is the story of a girl
Who feels a burning desire to make a change.
She sees the terror
And refuses to accept it but knows it’s there.
She needs to help.
Even if she doesn’t change the world,
She can change someone’s world.

And this is her problem:
She knows what she has to do,
And she knows that she will do it,
But she can’t wait until she’s older.
The world needs help now.

Doesn’t anyone else see it?

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