A Heart of Love

December 28, 2007
Love Have you ever wonder why they call it love, why wasn't it call the ups and down of a life that is full with wondering what happens next, the worst thing is that you cant live without it , one minute it is at its highest peak next time it is so low you feel like you are in hell with no one to help you, your back is against the wall with nowhere to turn and the person you love might be the person you say you hate the most at this time, but you still want to work things out you try and try but things never change until you rearrange your whole life to fit this person in and after you are finish you notice there is no room for this person and the seasons are starting to change and so are the feelings has one leave falls the emotions starts to walk and new feeling begin to bloom and it flourish in a plant call love a never ending feeling that begins to grow and the growing start to show me the young women am becoming , not just a women but a women who can grow for herself as well as her heart and soul so at the end I am not just a woman but I am a part of a whole and I help put each part to make a whole, not only my body but also a soul.

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