I Have Lost my Paradse

December 27, 2007
By Katie Thompson, Marietta, GA

I have lost my paradse
He's on the next train to Tennesse
But don't worry I'll be alright
Someday He'll come again
and I will have a new paradise
A place I can loose my pains in
Leave my worries and life at the door
A place that I can finally be me
The exact me I have always strived to be

I can only move foreward
There is no longer a time machine bringing me back into the darkness I once lived in
I have waited so long for my paradise
That it is only a matter of time before he comes again
Now if only time was on my side
No one said I had patience in letting go
It's been five months
And I finally see him how he sees me
How he's seen me since the beginning
If only I could tell him how sorry I am for everything I've done

Silence is death to me
There in the nothingness I lie with a racing mind
Of all the mistakes and nevers
Only there can the truths in myself be free to walk among the lies of what I used to be

These are supposed to be the greatest years of life
But how can they be if I never let go of the pain I have been through

So now I live each day knowing that yesterday is gone
And there is another tomorrow
Another chance to try to be happy like I once was with you in my present
Its a long way home but I have to have one first
If only you were still here
Then all I would have to do is find you
And I would be home

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