Wild Wolf

January 21, 2011
By Bobby Balmer BRONZE, Manheim, Pennsylvania
Bobby Balmer BRONZE, Manheim, Pennsylvania
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Silence reigns in white domain,
snowflakes float through perfect air.
Scarce movement is detected-yet still is there;
the soft stepping of a mountain hare.

All is seen and all is heard,
by some great beast of wild.
Not a fish and not a bird,
not a shrew or mouse so mild.

Not a bear so big and fat,
nor striped or spotted wildcat.
By God's hand its body styled,
this amazing wolf of wild.

Not a leaf or twig is stirred,
as this beast is keenly staring.
Not a thing is left unheard,
scenting all-its nostrils flaring.

Slowly creeps this silent wraith,
to send this rabbit to its grave.
Slowly walking, slowly stalking,
forward glides this beast so brave.

Slashing with its giant claws,
tearing with its fearsome jaws.
Quick as fox, yet smoother still,
this mighty beast goes in to kill.

In a moment all is done,
toward horizon wolf has run.
Blood in snow is all that shows,
covered quickly as it snows.

Of its life the prey did give,
so this wild beast may live.
Is this a beast of savage wild,
or mother hunting for her child?

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