December 27, 2007
By Neha Singh, Essex Junction, VT

You ponder while staring upon the shimmering stars
In the dwelling of the aromatic darkness
How to keep your childhood from spilling away
You catch some glitter from the fallen stars and make a wish
Hoping that each and every word comes true
And let the thin whisper of the chilly wind to persuade you to let go
The Glitter released carries the marble words
It drowns in rain with swamps of silver into the stormy world
It rises within a blink of an eye and leads itself to the stars
There’s no turning back now
The glitter is ready to embrace the world
And leave behind the ashes of youth
To enter the real world and do anything you’re capable of
As the glitter gathers to a gold haze
It’s almost mixed sparks in contrast to the stars
You look up to see the glimmering radiance of the glitter
And then suddenly close your eyes as raindrops come splattering
Even though you are drenched in rain
You know that your entire life hasn’t completely spilled away
Into an edgy stream
You smile as you gaze upon the star almost shining

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