My Emotional Hell

December 27, 2007
By Jessika James, Kempner, TX

It started out as a night of fun,
Turning in our tickets from the games we'd won.
Laughing and flirting with strangers in this world,
Never did it cross my mind, I would lose this girl.
My best friend forever, who I could talk to any time,
Remembering the dream of the stairs we had climbed.
And at the top there stood a big golden gate,
With the beams of bright lights behind it, its to late.
She wanted to go by herself, said I had business to finish,
This was all so new to me, so I sat back and listened.
"Tell my family I love them, and miss them all so much,
And even though I'm not there, I'll be watching from above."
I will never forget the day I found out she was dead,
All the while death consumed me as I shivered im my bed.
I have learned so much, this girl taught me well,
No one will ever know though my emotional hell.
Its not something you just forget about, it will always be on your mind.
So here is a message to teenagers these days, don't drink and drive.

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