Bird Boy

December 27, 2007
By Valeria Martinez, Plano, TX

Bird boy sings to no one
There he is everyday
With only his shadow beside him
Song after song
He sings away
With the sun in his song
And nothing inside him
But the bird boy isn̓t afraid to die
Because everything he does is for his song
Because every time he flies is for the sun

The bird boy sings for no one
And no one sings for him
There he is every night
With only the clock next to him
Every passing hour he sings away
With the plight in his song
And the stars in the sky
Are irises inside of him
But the bird boy fears he'll wake
Because he sleeps where there is no sun
Because he dreams not singing his song

Come sing to us bird boy
Sing us the upcoming day
And sing the clouds in the sky
Bird boy keep everyone away
To cool us off with your piercing eye
Your irises are stars

Bird boy sings to no one
He can̓t see the sun rise
Bird boy sings for no one
And he doesn't seem to fly
Everyday and every night
But the bird boy isn̓t afraid to die
He just doesn't want to wake up
What he does is for the sun
And what he is, is from the stars
And if he wakes to see tomorrow
I'll tell him
I'll sing to him tomorrow

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