An Emotional Crisis

January 21, 2011
By Catherine5793 BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
Catherine5793 BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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Courage has run away in fear
Because pride has become a dictator,
Destroying the homes of all emotion,
This genocide is getting out of control.
But Courage still won’t show itself.
Fear takes its chance and tyrants right along side Pride,
Armies have been sent out,
Obliterating anything that doesn’t belong
Deceit has burned the town of all honesty
Caring was slaughtered by Selfishness
Happiness has been locked away,
Put into despair by Anger.
Hope has formed secret meetings,
Planning a mission to find Courage,
With Confidence as an alliance saying,
“The search will not cease.
Emotions will be restored,

Courage will over run Fear
With the help of Humility
And a new day will dawn.”

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