I Must Have Dreamt This Beautiful Peace

December 27, 2007
I must’ve dreamt it…

I dreamt when the skies were calm and oceans blue

I dreamt when the landscapes were green with their mist and their dew

I dreamt the warm days and ever cool nights

I dreamt the days we still held our rights

I dreamt when wars were never waged

I dreamt when humans were capable of being tamed

I dreamt when money was never an issue

I dreamt when there was never a need to pick up a tissue

I dreamt when the caged bird would always sing

I dreamt when love didn’t cost a thing

I dreamt when there wasn’t a thing called ‘syphilis’

I dreamt of the Jolly old St. Nicholas

I dreamt of days when dreams did subdue

I must’ve dreamt of peace…

Oh, can something so beautiful ever come true? Ha!

I must’ve dreamt it…

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