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It's okay

January 21, 2011
By Maria_C BRONZE, Blanchard, Oklahoma
Maria_C BRONZE, Blanchard, Oklahoma
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"yes, it is possible."

My arms wrap around her
I feel her whip dig into my back
O you stupid child why
why could you not stay quiet
with your words
a yelp escapes me
blood is on my back
still I cling
the little one must not be hurt
I close my eyes
praying for it to go away she falls to the floor
with my arms still around her
over and over I whisper
I will protect you
but she stops
my whip holder is gone
The little one rolls over
I let go
But then my whip holder is back She says "my young one
she must be taught"
The one I protected with my back, with my heart
moves she has betrayed me
Her eyes look at me
I see the signs of terror
there across her body
the eyes give her happiness away
and I say its okay
Its okay over and over
like a broken record
As the punches and kicks
dig into my stomach
I can feel the pain
My shirt is splattered with blood Its okay though
Its okay

The author's comments:
I was abused from age around the age of 4 all the way up to the age 13. It ended after my parents divorced. I have decided that it is my turn to end it for other people by letting my voice be heard

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