The Reason Why

December 27, 2007
By Alyse Kotyk, North Vancouver, ZZ

There was a young girl who on one fine day,
Wondered why her world passed in this way.
She knew the order, the structure the game,
She understood the meaning of fame.
She longed to reach out of her box
And yet her perfect golden locks
Pristine smile, and pressed dress
Wouldn’t allow her to be digress.
Her world confined her to a certain path
Which any deviations would cause wrath.
Her way was mapped
And she felt trapped.
In confusion.
In misunderstanding.
In the question “why?”

So she picked up her skirts
And danced
Among the innocently perfect flowerbeds which illuminated
Lost hopes
Where was her purpose?
Into the sunset which glared importance
And the promises of a newfound day
She journeyed
To understand why the caterpillar
Trembles into flight as a butterfly.

[Kiss the moment,
Embrace the truth.
Wipe your tears
And don’t ask why.]

She found herself in a forest
Of forgotten troubles
Misunderstood criticisms
And lost hopes.
She clambered over roots of memories tugging her back,
Reaching for her return.
Tripping her into submissive guilt.
Where were the moments of happiness?
Every single smile seemed to be lost
As tangled ferns and dewy leaves
Danced in a promising glint of sun,
Streaked past the trees
Dangling the concept of air in her face.
Blanketing the stuffy warmth while shivering a cold breeze across bare limbs.
But stillness eludes a mystery.
Silence holds a whispering secret.
A forbidden truth
That has already occurred.
Irretraceable steps erased by time.
Nothing could be found there.
Misery is too abundant; the past will not show truth.
Run away from it.

So she did.

Her feet hit sand.
Tingling sensations and an endless sea of possibilities
Further than her eyes could peer.
Was the answer here?
What was it that formed her into who she was?
Molded her into who she was.
She looked and reached and longed and wept.
For she knew no matter how far she swam, she could only drown.
The answer will never save her.
A tantalizingly prize that only age could reach.
She was caught.
In this moment,
She was tangled.

And then she knew.

[Kiss the moment,
Embrace the truth.
Wipe your tears
And don’t ask why.]
(For this she had always been preached.)

But now she longed to question,
Desired to know the answers.
Why did the stars continually shine?
What mapped her days?
What awoke the sun?
So that it would never forget to rise?

Embrace the truth.
Embrace the truth.
With the truth, hold onto the moment.

This is now.
Then is gone.
The future will come.
But this moment is


The butterfly stretches its wings when the opportune moment arrives.
The strings that tie the map are simply life ropes
We cling to for solid ground
As we hope for no earthquakes to shatter
Our perfectly formed intentions.
No judgment.
No criticism.
Just truth.
Just that moment.

[Mold yourself today.]
[In this moment.]

In this moment,
She knew the answer.

And back she danced,
Back to her home.
Back to her time.
Back to her age.
Back to her life.
Back to her song.
For that was the moment for her.

And the box was shattered into a imperfect symmetry of understanding.

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