How Can This Be

December 27, 2007
By Raelyn Kennedy, Warren, OH

How can this be
I loved someone
The one who loves me.
I thought I was complete
I thought I was safe.
I thought my heart
Would never be broken
I thought it was final.

I thought my heart
Could never be tore again
Could never be broken again.
I thought I had the only one
I could ever love
The only one who could
Love me for years.

Then along came the guy
I loved for many years
The one I thought never cared
He came along and told me
He loved me for as long
As I've loved him.

Who do I go with?
Who do I love?
Is it possible to love both?
Which should I love,
The teenage romance
that could be a fluke
or the childhood romance
the one that could never be?

Why is life confusing?
Why is life so so hard?
Why must I chose
Between my two loves?
Why does love matter?
Why is my heart breaking?
Why do I just want to stop living
Because of having
Two great men love me
When I love both in return!

Why can't I stop crying?
Why can't I decide?
Why can't I be happy
With one love by my side?
Why did this happen?
Why now that I'm not free!

Why'd I have to go,
And give my heart away?
Why did I not tell you,
When I still had a chance?
Why can't I just let you go
To love and live free!

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