Where I’m from

December 17, 2007
By Xhavit Sejdiu, Hartland, WI

I’m from soccer shoes; I’m from Italian salad dressing
I’m from Red Brick Apartment, shaded lawns, white roses.

I’m from a family where we fast in Ramadan,
working in the garden.

I’m from a proud Albanian family Nazmije, Korab, Besnik etc.
I’m from stories that scared children in to being good!!!
(Because a mean old women would talk you away if you where bad)

I’m from Prishtina, Kosova I’m from Fli and Pasul
me Mish! (Food) My Grandmother raised 9 children
when times were difficult.

I’m from a picture Album in my mom’s cupboard
that reminds me of my childhood in Kosova.

I’m from this moments
Grown up, hard working and proud.

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