Overcome by Guilt

December 17, 2007
He was 18, needing only to pass one exam.
Locked up in his room all weekend, studying endlessly.
The day had come. He walked into class, the teacher hands out the exam. In that moment, all the information fled his head.
Five minutes left. He made a split decision.
That night he couldn’t sleep, I cheated.

Almost Forever
He was filthy rich, and she was dirt poor.
“Can it take your order?” she asked.
“I’ll have the…” He looked up.
He couldn’t speak. He was in love.
They were leaving town together. They looked at each other smiling; everything went black.
He woke up. She was dead from the impact of the accident.

Courage, Heart, Dedication
Heartbeats race. Sweat stings the eyes. Another injured player is carried off. Looking on with anticipation, for the coach’s call, the rookie freshman is placed in the game.
Play clock winding down. The rookie’s eyes are glued on the quarterback, trying to read him.
Ball is snapped, bodies collide. Rookie holds them. They win.

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