Got Respect?

December 17, 2007
Do you have respect?
Our school is all about Respect, Work Ethic
Honesty, Communication, and Open Mindedness to Diversity.
However, we as students don’t have that in mind or do we?
But I think the kids in high school
just really don’t care about respecting
one and anther they want to be

I think deep in our blood we got respect.
We just don’t show it,
Just so we are the cool “click”
to get respect you got to show respect.

Were I come from is all about respect
and being a two-face person
will get you in big trouble
so that is why I got respect.
If you say I don’t have respect
your wrong because when you chose to
respect your elders, father, mother,
and others that is your respect.
Me and my homeboys we got respect
for everyone but when someone disrespects us.
We get down to business for real
so I think respect is a really big thing for everyone.
There are people that think respect is bad?
Is that what you think?
If you do.
I got no respect for you!!!

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