The New Kid

December 17, 2007
By Tyler Westlie, Pewaukee, WI

Hey what’s your name?
Yeah social boundaries are cool,
Everyone does it.
You should join in on the fun!

Oh you play football?
Sit here!
Oh you play hockey?
Sit here!
Oh you like this music?
Sit here!
Oh you drive a nice car?
Sit here!
Oh you wear nice clothes?
Sit here!

Who, those kids?
They aren’t cool.
They wear their clothes like that.

Those kids sitting alone?
You don’t wana sit by them,
They’re lame.

Oh, so you don’t play football?
You don’t play hockey?
You like what music?
You drive what car?
What are you wearing?!

You obviously don’t fit in with us,
Get lost.

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