Kings in Castles

December 17, 2007
By Kate Kallenberger, Hartland, WI

All the president’s men,
All the congressmen,
Cannot change the world.

It’s like they’re atop a soapbox,
Preaching goodness and relation to the common man,
All the while, dodging drops of American reign.
They try to save the world,
Just to be saved themselves.
Everybody’s working for a hero.

The pushing of a button,
The raising of a hand,
Will not stop the inevitable.
The checking of a box,
The pulling a handle;
It will not save a person.
It will not save a soul.

Don’t blame the government
For its treacherous deeds,
It is just the mouthpiece
For a broken nation
Those politically affiliated
Do the damage
Those lucky enough to be apathetic,
Are blissful in their lethargy
Ignorance is a pest;
But it’s all we’ve got

We have to do some dirty work,
To get ourselves clean again
Spiral staircases lead to spiral rooms;
Where spiral people say spiral words.
And white men in black suits
Try to hide their lack of assets;
Behind their tanks and machine guns.
A plate of yellow cake for my enemies
Whose land lies atop my oil.
A bowl of despair for my friends,
Whose bodies lie in graves.
A spoonful of salt,
For those who lie to keep me safe.

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