Café Declassified

December 17, 2007
By Samantha Lotz, Pewaukee, WI

Geeks, freaks and stuff in between,
Kids thrown into the high school machine.
Tables at lunch divided by rank,
Popularity decided by money in the bank.

Cheerleaders, jocks, and preps abound
Everyone looks on as the queen is crowned.
Because she’s on top, she’s got it made,
As long as her games get played.

Alternatives, loners, and kids in black,
Think homework is totally whack.
Music pounding from their headphones,
No one can understand their mumbled tones.

Chess club, nerds, and pupils in plaid,
All laugh at the awesome class they just had.
Glasses pushed up and hair made wild,
Anyone can see they’re easily riled.

A girl cries in the bathroom stall,
Because her clothes are from the wrong mall.
Heckled and teased, reduced to tears,
That’s the way it’s been for years.

These are the kinds of things that arise,
In high schools of all shapes and size.
Exclusion, segregation, and pain,
Are inevitable in our domain.

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