I am from boxes of herbal tea

December 17, 2007
By Kate Kallenberger, Hartland, WI

I am from boxes of herbal tea

From sidewalk chalk and countless Legos
I am from paneled wood transitioning to taupe middle-classism,
I am from the rosebush in the backyard, and the oak tree, perfect for climbing
I am from a surplus of arguments and a lack of nephews or brothers
I am from “the same tree hit the whole family” and verbal knock-down, drag-outs
I am from Unitarians, Christians, Taoists, and anything else we’ve wanted to try

From Bibles and crosses and Menorahs and atheists

From twilight prayers, Pink Floyd, and “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”
I’m from America and Germany, all at once

Raspberry sherbet punch and kielbasa sausage (at every holiday)
From the time we got lost driving into the sunset and the way my cousins didn’t stop smiling, the Ninja Turtle feeding hour, and cooking hotdogs with a magnifying glass.
I am from cupboards and canyons of colored and not-so-colored photographs.
From memories filled with Halloween costumes and shoving nine people into a Burgundy Lumina.
I am from hours at Grandma’s, in the old peach chairs, recalling quotes and reactions from years long since gone.

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