I walked up to the booth

December 17, 2007
By meagan moore, Hartland, WI

I walked up to the booth,
I am forty three years old.
My heart racing as I finally went into the small enclosed area,
This is what freedom feels like,
I finally felt like an American citizen

I crossed the border when I was ten,
And I’ve fought for my freedom and rights ever since.
I finally got my green card at 39, right after the previous election.
I’ve always wanted to vote,
To finally be included into America in every possible way.

I went into the small booth and put down my choice,
I couldn’t stop smiling as I walked out
Knowing my vote could change the future of this country.
I walked out of the building holding my head up high,
I was finally a complete American in my mind.

I was grateful to have a hand in who controlled the country.
I felt the Americans took it for granted,
I wanted to have a voice in Mexico, but couldn’t.
I wanted to make a life for myself.
And now I felt I could, and I finally had.

After I voted in the presidential election
Where every vote counted,
I began to vote in every election I could.
Town mayor, city governor, even the employee of the month,
I felt as though voting included me in America In a way I’ve never been included before.

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