Separation nation-

December 17, 2007
By Kate Kallenberger, Hartland, WI

It’s all over the nation
When it started, it could barely be seen
We were children who wanted to be in the Scene
Everybody must succumb to the clique invasion
Get ready, get set, for the Caucasian invasion.

Nobody told us when to run or how to do it
But we figured it out- we almost blew it.
We almost became pals, we were nearly friends
Now we just wallow and follow the trends
All we have to do is gather our threads in preparation
Go beat on some Preps for their discrimination.

Looking at the color of their skin, I’m glad I’m not that shade
But behind their stereotypes, I’ll hide, I’ll masquerade.
I live so deep in the black and white,
I’ll listen to their music and my dad will capitalize and agonize off their struggle.
I can make jokes and I can laugh, but when it comes down to it,
I’ll fight on their behalf!

Look at the Emo kids- with their poems and their tears
Nobody seems to be what they appear

But I’ve got a feeling, I’ve got a notion- all that maudlin emotion-
It comes from something more, something way too true
But who cares? Let’s pound ‘em until they’re black and blue.
This final countdown is way overdue.

So here we are, together and alone
We’re all human, we’re all the same
Forget ‘em all, don’t play the game, or feel ashamed
For whom you are or what you wear or the origin of your name
Go ahead- And set the status quo aflame.

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