Softly Now

December 17, 2007
Soft jazz tinkles about
the rafters, and
gently it redoubles and rebounds
off the molding.
The honest music wraps around
a simple table setting,
pooling in a basin of good taste
and intellect
that ricochets off mirror
and plate.
A stack of books rises from the soft,
enfolding darkness.
Good books, the classics, that refresh
the mind.
with much-repeated titles and
well-worn endings.
These books wave hello to the
persistent readers
who push their way past cover and prologue
and first chapter
to become a respected companion
of the words.
Things are, or should be
true and simple,
with ample room for escape
but plenty of security.
Stress is not welcome here
in this room.
No, this room is for softness
and honesty.
Reserved for the sounds of
friends and cooking,
and the soft jazz that tinkles
about the rafters.

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