A Heart Worth Breaking

January 20, 2011
By KatiekinzMarie BRONZE, Brillion, Wisconsin
KatiekinzMarie BRONZE, Brillion, Wisconsin
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"Life's too short for regrets, sometimes you just need to JUMP, Not knowing if you'll be okay in the end."

All the tings inside me… feelings I refuse to show… bottled up ready to explode any second. That second comes and I can’t take it anymore. I lose my best friend, my lover, and my secret holder.

The icy grass feels like a thousand pins being stuck in my feet. With every step, it gets worse. I run and run until I realize that I can’t run away from this. I feel the blood splurging out of my feet and slightly begin to feel numb. I continue to kick the ball, even though it feels as if I am kicking a sharp rock, stabbing me to and fro. I catch my breath only to find tears running down my face, and my nose running. I look up at the stars, hoping that this will stop. The torture of losing you is killing me. I consider stopping, but my feet continue to shuffle from side to side and the sharpness in my feet continues. My minds racing, why isn’t this helping? I trip and fall onto the pins I call grass. I can’t feel my hands anymore. I feel blood running in-between my toes and blood rushing to my hands. I turn and begin to look at the moon. It shines back at me, as I put out my hands to pray. But it does nothing. My minds still racing, my hearts still breaking, there’s still tears running down my face, and bloods still draining from my body; one drop at a time.

I run inside for only a moment, to make sure no one has spotted me in this state. I grasp my phone and look at the inbox, 1 new text message. I open it and tears run down my chilly face ad I look at my feet with blood gushing in-between each toe, “I’m sorry.”.

The author's comments:
Me and my best friend/ love interest were fighting, and I couldn't take it. So I took off some anger, and played soccer until I hurt myself. I figured it was better than loosing him.

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