Why is it everyday

December 16, 2007
By Darrin Dickie, Chilliwack, ZZ

Why is it everyday
We awake to the same shade of gray
Nothing ever changing
Nothing ever arranging
In the way we want it to

But yet everyday
We tend to deal with it
Just a little bit
But we just sit back
And take it
Turn it into nothing
But open threats

We never react
To the cause of some great disease
We never act
To the request of another war
We just sit at home
And drink it in like drones

Sometimes I feel like
We could all be better
And actually care for life
Instead of taking it for grant it
Way waste the day away
Do things that ain’t great for you

Why smoke those stupid drugs
And waste away in lakes of liquor
You’re turning yourself
Into nothing but a puppet
To be controlled
By those who would kill you
For nothing but a joke

I know what it’s like
I’ve been there too
I used to be so much juts like you
But if I changed
So I can you
You may not believe
But I sure in the hell do
I care for every one of you
I don’t want you
To end up like I was about too

Cause I know
You go the strength
In you

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