Riding 4 wheelers

January 31, 2011
By , decatur, IL
Ridding 4 wheelers

By: Kolton Powars

I am going to tell you a story about riding 4 wheeler with some of my friends. Brandon, Blake, Tyler, Jake, and I went riding out behind my grandpa’s shop and we made us a little track and we had some big hills to climb.

After we got us a little track going we started to race and Tyler was on a dirt bike and we were all on 4 wheelers and Tyler could not keep up because he didn’t know how to ride a dirt bike very good he had just got it. It sure was muddy on the track because of the snow melting. most of the track was millings but the corners were dirt well I should say mud. We were all muddy within a half an hour then we changed the track up some to try to stay out of the mud. Tyler still couldn’t keep up on the new track but we were still having fun. Then we started jumping this big milling pile and Blake almost wrecked then Tyler did wreck on the top of the hill. And I didn’t know it so I started flying up the hill and Jake was stopped behind Tyler and I landed on the back of jakes 4 wheeler but luckily it didn’t mess anything up. Tyler didn’t get hurt either so it was all funny after that. Then Brandon went the wrong part of the hill by accident and it was real steep it went down some then it went straight down but he made it and none of us would try going down it. He wouldn’t of either if he wouldn’t of done it by accident.
Then we took a break and ate because it was lunch time and we ate pizza factory and went back to ridding and I ended up rolling my 4 wheeler down a big hill and broke the clutch lever. So that ended my riding for that weekend and but I watched them for a little bit and I rode Jakes 4 wheeler a little bit. After that we all power washed our 4 wheelers because they were so muddy.at least we all had a lot of fun. And then we all went home and I ordered the parts for my 4 wheeler and we ended up doing the same thing the next weekend but Brandon and Blake didn’t come. We had fun that weekend to.

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