December 16, 2007
By Kasey Owens, Montgomery, TX

she walks through life with broken dreams
she trys to fly with broken wings
its cruel and its senseless
to leave her so weak and defenseless
this angels, she's broken
no longer a whole
reaching heaven is much more than a goal
she needs it, she wants it, its her dearest desire.
the intensity of it will set her afire.
if she can reach those gates of pearly white
she knows that everything will be alright.
but she'll never make it, for it seems,
an angel cant fly on broken wings.

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Mrs. T said...
on Sep. 4 2008 at 3:04 pm
Great poem, Kasey! I am always thrilled when a student gets published in a well-regarded publication like Teenink. Everyone back in Puerto la Cruz is very proud of you!


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