For one who has a soul

January 20, 2011
In a place far to the sun, theres a place called earth, a place of live, of people, and existance. Cruel it may be ,sad could it be, but still a place to live. Not all cruel things act the way they should, some are kind ,others distracted and finally ones that find peace. The world I believe was never ment to be cruel and heartless with a warm center. But a place of forgiveness and timely death, when all life could live with one another. For one who has a soul can read this and know that people arn't like this no matter where you go. But yet still believe it can happen. Thats why theres still hope, still dream, still happiness amoung the heartfull, to know the sun will come another day and will keep that way for time to come. Live in peace for now and find yourself later.

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