Eyes to the heavens.

December 16, 2007
By Alexis Mitchell, Borden, IN

Eyes to the heavens.
Watch the sky explode.

Rockets of azure blue.
Amethyst and green tumbling across the scene.

Magenta fingers crawling.
Icy silver slithers.

Sparks hiss, and the ground shakes.
Rumble and a boom.

Red and green Jupiters float in midair.
Wild jets sweep the clouds.

Smoke and fog.
The fireworks babe.

Purple rain.
Fools glittering in gold.

Ashes come calling,
A star explodes.

Into white lights,
Dazzle the horizon.

I see it now.
The wonder, your face.

Hot red towers,
And cold blue spirals.

Orange burns, yellow explodes.
Casts a sundown.

Watch them go.
Rocket, and blow.

Watch them.
Watch me.

Up here in the clouds.
And Ill come back to you.

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