the Workings of Fear

January 20, 2011
Like the glistening crimson red of blood, still warm,
It mystifies me with its perplexing beauty.
First glance it tugs at me, swirling within my head and sucking me in like a drug.

Like a leopard resting lazily high up in the canopy of a tree,
Laying low and blending in with the sun splattered bark.
It waits until my guard is down,
My back is turned. And then…
It knocks me back, taking me by surprise,
Dazing me long enough to penetrate every extremity of my body.

Like an old swamp,
Over grown and shady,
Plagued with death and decay,
It paralyzes me,
Creeps into control,
And swallows me as I search for help,
And answer,
A way out.

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