The Crash of Flight A-491

December 16, 2007
By Brenna Smith, Milwaukee, WI

The Sea swept across her blue face,
still intact as the day her plane went down and became part of Poseidon’s kingdom.
Her hair tossed in the deep Sea’s current.
The fish swam through it like the reef which was part of their world.
Although her skin had become an unnatural color,
Her beauty remained.
Her lips still retained the color of poppies
And the ocean blue mascara was not yet washed away with the years.
Around her slender neck lay a tag.
It said: Amy.
What an unfit name for such a beauty!
Even her French-tipped nails were in perfect condition.
From the lip-gloss covered smile still on her face
To the far away look in her eye,
You could tell she was a princess that did not belong in the world she was placed in.
Her escape had finally come from the crash of fight A-491.

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