lonely, but beautiful

December 18, 2010
By Anonymous

A girl so sweet and beautiful, but look in her eyes sadness and loneliness. She may look happy on the surface, but lift up her,,, shirt you can see the bruises and scars. If you ask her about her life she answers "fine" but lift up her sleeves and see the scars, scads, and fresh cuts.She maybe beautiful and kind, but she's suffering. Her mother and father beat her and her sibling. The girl believes that no one cares for her. So every night since her 8th grade year, she adds a cut to her arms and wrists hoping to get away from the torch-er. She believes that death is the solution, when all she has to do is speak the truth.

The author's comments:
I hear a lot on the news that teens my age kill themselves for many reasons like this. So I try to imagine myself in their situation. I hope that when people read this they imagine themselves living like that and maybe try to help them. Also because this people get beat at home, then when they go to school their made fun of because they cut themselves and they don't tell any one why until something bad does happen. So real life is what inspires my to write and i hope this poems does reach the heart of millions of people.

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