I am. Part two.

December 18, 2010
By Anonymous

I am filth with a pretty face.
I am Satan in Gods grace.
Stronger then the human race.
Mean enough to put anyone in their place.

I speak out of the top of my head.
If I don't say it, you might end up dead.
I let out the words that need to be said.
Shut up and listen, or get hit with my poisoned lead.

I was left hopeless and broken.
In a land of the token.
Where even if you can't light it, it's smokin'.

I try to escape into the beautiful world inside my mind.
The voice inside block me, and i am left behind.
So angry my teeth grind.

Brain so jumbled.
Thoughts so crumbled.
Speech so mumbled.

Time is so devouring.
life is nothing but pain to me.
In these for walls i sit Beneath.
Cave in, and start to bleed.

Insane, a life-less creature.
Can't cross over to heaven, so I am stuck on hells bleachers.

Satan watches over me like a father.
Corrupted by darkness, if you see the light, don't even bother.

Your last breath was mine.
Now I am stuck in this world, and out of time.

The author's comments:
Beauty is more then just something lovely.

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