What happened to this house,

December 16, 2007
By Rona Beresh, New Paltz, NY

What happened to this house,
That made it all come down?
What happened to the child,
Who came home with a frown?

Why is it so hard,
To get along all right?
What makes it so easy,
For others to see the light?

When will you notice,
It’s all up to you?
When will you notice,
It all came down to you?

What made you think
That you could take us away,
Away from all the friends
With whom we would play.

What made you think
‘They will be alright,
The did it once before,
And didn’t put up a fight’?

We are older now,
And we are not okay,
We want to go back,
Back the other way.

I guess we really cant,
I guess we have to stay,
I guess that is okay with me,
I guess it is okay.

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