Sanity Jam

December 18, 2010
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I sit here, dazed and exhausted,
without a clue of how to start this bafflingly vague assignment.

With 30 minutes, 1800 seconds already wasted in my life,
it surely won’t take me long to tear up my homework with a butcher knife.

And with Facebook messages zapping at my computer screen,
and my brother bombastically slaying zombies on xBox Live with other loopy teens,
my patience is wearing thin.
I can feel a bomb ticking away from underneath my skin.

Slouched on my wobbly chair,
playin’ with my hair,
sippin’ green tea,
thinkin’ of getting on my knees to plea...

AP Gov. Current Events,
cramming for AP Chem to the greatest extent,
doodling a design for a Physics race car...
That’s it. I’m going bizarre.

My droopy, dark eyes scowl at the clock,
and in a wink, I ricochet in shock!

This is a crime...
What happened to the time?!

Half-past twelve,
and feelin’ like it’s hell...

enough said,
I’m going to bed.

Let me know when June awakes,
because I’m already looking forward to summer break.

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