I've Found Hell

December 16, 2007
By Aaron Brown, Columbus, WI

Hell's not even a place after death,
Nor a thought, nor a thing.
Hell's right here on earth,
Everyone's the devil, or hell's king.
Look around and you will see,
What we Maras have destroyed.
Suffering, crying, and beating too,
While everyone enjoyed.
People are evil, we shouldn't have been,
At least that's what I think.
We've caused a huge mark to scar the world,
With our black as sin death ink.
We've killed all hope and dreams of the others,
Mass produced too much.
Our hands are like a lethal virus,
Poisoning everything we touch.
Knowledge and curiosity,
Are insanely fatal too.
That's what turned us into hell,
You should think on that,

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