Losers only come by not trying.

December 16, 2007
By Kaylee Schanda, Fresno, CA

Losers only come by not trying.
With trying comes satisfaction.
A feeling of doing greatness
A feeling of accomplishment
But what happens when failure is the only result you see?
And winning just seems so far out of reach.
Do you keep trying?
Do you give up?
What do you do when life just never goes your way?
When you feel that it’s hopeless to get what you want.
Wise minds say that one should keep pushing.
Eventually greatness will come upon you.
But how does one keep going when fear is their only feeling?
Fear of failing.
Fear of being kicked down.
Fear of letting their dreams slowly disappear.
Fear of not knowing when to call it quits.
When will that pivotal moment show up?
What happens when one can see life slipping through their fingers?
Can’t get a grip of the importance of living
But can’t seem to call it quits
Is that weakness?
Or is it strength?
Weak for not being able to only see the good
Strong for being able to keep pushing
Confusion comes when the mind wanders through the soul.
Where is life taking me?
Why can’t my big break come now?
What happens when that moment is coming but it’s unexpected?
Will I know what I’m supposed to do?
Is it better to follow your heart?
Or the feeling punching you in the gut?
Why can’t the heart and mind work together?
Compromising seems so easy.
But yet it’s almost impossible to achieve.
What is one to do?
When will we know?
When I figure it out I’ll let you know.

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